Buying a used boat is usually a major investment. Used boat are also sold without a warranty. So, it is our strong recommendation you get a survey done when you buy a boat.

That way, you can be confident your boat is at minimum structurally sound. Don’t worry if you don’t know any, as we can help you with our list of reputable surveyors.

Three different types of surveys exist:

Out of Water / Hull Survey

Hull surveys are the entry level survey for the confident buyer with experience of internal systems who requires reassuring regarding the hull integrity.

The boat must be out of the water to accomplish this.

They will check things like steel thickness; corrosion pitting assessment; boat steel structure; paint – hull protection & cabin; anodes; damage or wear; hull fittings; steering; sterngear and lockers.

In-Water / Internal Survey

This survey is generally for people who are buying a fairly new craft and are confident the hull is in good condition.

As it suggests, there no need to take the boat out the water.

Keys areas checked would be engine installation & operation; fuel systems; AC & DC electrical systems; LPG installation; ventilation; appliances operation; water systems; fire fighting equipment & CO and smoke alarms; general equipment

Full Pre - Purchase Survey

Often the most favoured survey as it includes all points listed in the Hull and In-water surveys; a comprehensive safeguard for what is a significant investment.

This is usually carried out to ensure complete peace of mind for you as the buyer whether you are new to boating and experienced alike. 

You will usually receive your report within 3 days and will list the surveyors findings and recommendations. 

We’ll ask you to send us a copy of the report or a summary, so that we can discuss any issues. It can also be used to ensure the vendor has the repairs carried out prior to completion, or to negotiate a reduction in the price, to take into account the cost of the repairs.