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Why use a broker?

You may have considered trying to sell your own boat, placing adverts, dealing with the enquiries and negotiating and administering the sale yourself.

The reality is, selling can be extremely challenging if you lack the experience, as your goal is to secure the best possible deal for a boat that holds your affection.

That’s why, most sellers choose to use a broker for both their expertise and the additional services they can offer potential purchasers, and of course to remove the day to day responsibility for answering enquiries and managing the sale.

Buyers also like much of the same. They prefer to buy through a broker because it offers them peace of mind by facilitating necessary paperwork, inspections, and ensuring a smooth transaction process from start to finish.

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Let us guide you on your journey

How does the boat brokers work

Delivering a better service for you!


Boat valuation

We will assess the boat's condition, specifications, and market value. We’ll also take photos and gather relevant documentation to create an attractive listing.


Marketing and advertising

We employ various marketing strategies to generate interest in your boat. We’ll advertise through websites, social media, boat shows, and other relevant platforms to reach a wider audience of potential buyers.


Buyer screening

When potential buyers express interest in your particular boat, we’ll conduct a screening process to ensure they are qualified and serious buyers.



We’ll arrange for serious buyers. Answer any questions and provide additional information and handle any negotiations.


Negotiations and offers

If a buyer is interested in purchasing the boat, we will help facilitate negotiations. We’ll relay offers and counteroffers, assist in price discussions, and help both parties reach an agreement.


Documents and closing

Once you’ve agreed on a price, we’ll handle the necessary paperwork and documentation. This will include sales contracts, titles, registrations, and other legal requirements. We’ll ensure the transaction proceeds smoothly and guides both parties through the closing process.



We earn our commission based on the final sale price of the boat which is deducted from the sales proceeds.



Once we have received cleared funds and all parties are ready to complete, we transfer funds within 24 hour

What do we charge?

It’s simple… Just 4% … Thats it!

Say goodbye to hidden fees and unexpected charges! With our straightforward 4% brokerage fee*. You can easily calculate our fee, ensuring complete transparency in every sale.

* Based on final sale price. Minimum brokerage fee £2,000

Save money

Brokerage fees differ nationwide, with the majority charging a minimum of 6% plus VAT based on the final sale price. Consequently, selling a boat for £60,000 would incur fees amounting to £4,320.

Save nearly £2,000 with The Boat Brokers

No sale, No fee
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What's my boat worth?

Find out what your boat is worth.

Delivering a better service for you!

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Where do we advertise?

Get seen in all the right places

It is true that many brokers primarily focus their advertising efforts within their own website and database. However, at The Boat Brokers we believe in engaging in broader  advertising strategies to reach a wider audience to effectively get better prices and achieve a quicker sale for you.


Online advertising

We utilise popular listing websites such as Apollo Duck, Boat Trader and more. Social Media advertising on platforms like Facebook & Twitter allowing us to reach a wider audience. Boating forums or places of interest to attract potential buyers within the narrowboat community.


Email marketing

We send regular newsletters and updates to their existing clients and prospects to keep them informed about boats for sale and.


Publications & marinas

We place adverts is national publications such as Towpath Talk as well as local boating magazines and distribute flyers in marinas and other boating locations.


Partnerships and referrals

We collaborate with other professionals in the industry, such as surveyors and engineers. In addition, build relationships with
individuals or businesses that complement our services that can help expand our reach.

3D virtual tour

Preview the boat without leaving your house

How many times have you seen pictures, travelled to view a boat and it was not how you thought it would be?

Stop! Pre-view the boat without leaving your house with our virtual tours.

It's not always simple to find the time to view boats due to busy schedules.

In order to make your life easier, we've created virtual tours of the boat, so you may virtually explore each one room by
room from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.

Even while we still encourage you to come and see us, feel free to relax and view the boat by clicking on the virtual tour
in the gallery below by clicking the play icon.

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Guide to selling

The Boat Brokers guide to selling a boat

Selling a narrowboat can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you're upgrading to a new boat or moving on from the narrowboat lifestyle, it's essential to approach the selling process with careful planning and preparation. Our guide aims to provide you with a step-by-step overview of the key considerations and actions required to successfully sell your narrowboat.


Step 1: Determine the market value

1. Research the market: We’ll start by researching the current market trends and prices for narrowboats similar to yours. We consider factors such as age, condition, size, equipment, and location.

2. Get a professional appraisal: Your Boat Brokers broker is a professional and will assess your boat's value. Their expertise will help you set a realistic asking price.


Step 2: Prepare your narrowboat for Sale

1. Deep cleaning and decluttering: Thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of your narrowboat, paying attention to details like carpets, upholstery, and windows. Declutter personal belongings to make the boat more appealing to potential buyers.

2. Make necessary repairs: Attend to any maintenance issues, such as leaky windows, malfunctioning systems, or engine problems. It’s our experience a well-maintained boat is more likely to attract buyers.

3. Enhance the presentation: Consider minor cosmetic improvements like repainting, varnishing, or updating soft furnishings. We think these simple enhancements can make a significant difference in attracting buyers


Step 3: Gather documentation

1. Ownership documents: Ensure you have all the necessary ownership and registration documents, including proof of purchase, boat safety certificates, and any relevant licenses.

2. Maintenance records: Compile a file of maintenance and repair records, service history, and invoices. This documentation showcases your boat's upkeep and gives buyers confidence in its condition.


Step 4: Create an attractive listing

1. High-quality photographs: We take clear, well-lit photos that highlight the boat's best features including interior and exterior shots from different angles.

2. Write a compelling description: We’ll craft a detailed and engaging description of your narrowboat, highlighting its unique features, upgrades, and any additional equipment that comes with it. It’s best to be honest and transparent about its condition.


Step 5: Advertise and promote

1. Online listings: We utilise popular narrowboat listing websites and online marketplaces to reach a wide audience.Include your high-quality photos and compelling description in the listing.
2. Social media and boating forums: We’ll share your listing on social media platforms and relevant boating forums to attract potential buyers within the narrowboat community.
3. Local publications and marinas: We’ll consider placing ads in local boating magazines and distributing flyers in marinas or other boating-related locations.


Step 6: Responding to enquiries and showcasing the boat

1. Prompt communication: We respond promptly to enquiries and are available to answer questions or schedule viewings.

2. Organize viewings: We’ll schedule appointments for potential buyers to see the boat in person. You just need to prepare the boat to be clean, tidy, and ready for inspection.

3. Be knowledgeable and friendly: When showcasing the boat, we’re prepared to answer questions about its specifications, maintenance, and any unique features and offer a warm and friendly experience to potential buyers.


Step 7: Negotiating and closing the sale

1. Price negotiations: Our advice is to be open to negotiation while keeping in mind the boat's market value and your desired selling price.

2. Prepare a sales contract: We draft a clear and detailed sales contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale. It will include the agreed-upon price, any included equipment, and the expected date of transfer.

3. Finalize the sale: Once the buyer accepts the offer, leave it to us to complete the necessary paperwork and transfer ownership,

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