How Do The Boat Brokers Work?

Step 1: Boat Evaluation

We will assess the boat’s condition, specifications, and market value. We’ll also take photos and gather relevant documentation to create an attractive listing.

Step 2: Marketing & Advertising

We employ various marketing strategies to generate interest in your boat. We’ll advertise through websites, social media, boat shows, and other relevant platforms to reach a wider audience of potential buyers.

Step 3: Buyer Screening

When potential buyers express interest in your particular boat, we’ll conduct a screening process to ensure they are qualified and serious buyers.

Step 4: Viewings

We’ll arrange viewings for  serious buyers. Answer any questions and provide additional information, and assist in any negotiations.

Step 5: Negotiations & Offers

If a buyer is interested in purchasing the boat, we will help facilitate negotiations. We’ll relay offers and counteroffers, assist in price discussions, and help both parties reach an agreement.

Step 6: Documentation & Closing

Once you’ve agreed on a price, we’ll handle the necessary paperwork and documentation. This will include sales contracts, titles, registrations, and other legal requirements. We’ll ensure the transaction proceeds smoothly and guides both parties through the closing process.

Step 7: Commission

We earn our commission based on the final sale price of the boat which is deducted from the sales proceeds.

Step 8: Payment

Once we have received cleared funds and all parties are ready to complete we transfer funds within 24 hours.