What Do We Charge?

Its simple…

5% of the sale price achieved (minimum charge of £1500)

No Sale, No Fee

Traditional brokers have charge too much for too long. Brokers fees across the country vary. But most will charge you at least 6% plus vat. Therefore, a boat selling for £75,000 you’d pay as much as £5,400 in fees.

Save Money

Our fees would be just £3,750 saving you a whopping £1,650.

What could you do with that?

Find out how much your boat is worth

FAQ’s About Brokers Fees

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about broker fees and services.

What are average brokerage fees?

The average brokerage fee is currently 6% plus 20% VAT. Individually, fees usually vary from anywhere
between 5-8%.

Are broker fees regulated?

The duties of a broker are regulated by the Estate Agents act 1979 – but charging commission is part of a
contract set out by the broker, meaning the percentage they charge is completely up to them.

Can you negotiate broker fees?

While not typical in the UK, some smaller or independent brokers may be willing to negotiate their
percentage. That said, it is unlikely to dip much lower than 5%. Larger, brokers are less willing, due to strict
policies they will have in place regarding commission levels.

Do broker fees include VAT?

Fees presented by traditional brokers are required by law to include VAT, but it is worth bearing in mind
that some brokers may still decide to exclude this information. If so, there will be an additional 20% to
consider on top of the advertised fee. The Boat Brokers fees are inclusive of VAT, so the price you see is the
price you pay.