Where Do We Advertise?

Sell with The Boat Brokers for a fair price

It is true that many brokers primarily focus their advertising efforts within their own website and database.

However, at The Boat Brokers we believe in engaging in broader advertising strategies to reach a wider audience to effectively ger better prices and achieve a quicker sale for you.

Online Advertising

  • We utilise popular narrowboat listing websites such as Apollo Duck, Boat Trader and more. Includes good quality photos, walk-through videos and compelling description in the listing.
  • Social Media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter allowing us to reach a wider audience and target specific demographics.
  • Boating forums or places of interest to attract potential buyers within the narrowboat community.

Email Marketing

  • We send regular newsletters and updates to their existing clients and prospects to keep them informed about boats for sale and.

National, Local Publications & Marinas

  • We place adverts is national publications such as Towpath Talk as well as local boating magazines and distribute flyers in marinas and other boating locations.

Partnerships & Referrals

  • We collaborate with other professionals in the industry, such as surveyors and engineers. In addition, build relationships with individuals or businesses that complement our services that can help expand our reach.

Get seen in more places